Terms and Conditions

1 - General
Sales by GANJAH SEEDS through its website ganjahseeds.com be subject to the Conditions of Sale set forth herein.
To buy through our website is essential to be of age and be registered in the I.A.E. When making a purchase or order, the buyer acknowledges and accepts these conditions of sale which apply during the duration of the business relationship.
Customer Service:
Contact: ganjahpedidos@gmail.com

2 - Procedure for Shopping
Orders must be processed through our website, however, our customer service team is available to answer any questions or issues that may arise during the process.
Upon receipt of the requisition, GANJAH SEEDS send the customer, as acknowledgment, proforma an order detailing the purchase in which shipping costs are included.
To expedite the processing of the order sending the proof of payment to ganjahpedidos@gmail.com Once payment is received we will proceed to the preparation of the order and at the time of departure we will send you the packing list and invoice later it is recommended.
3 - Shipping and delivery
Ships freight prepaid, included in the bill, and delivery is supposed formalized once received by the customer with the signing of the delivery document submitted by the carrier.
The customer agrees to review the order upon receipt and to state in writing to the carrier at the receiving document
Shipments have an approximate delivery time of 24 hours depending on the destination. These terms are subject to the carrier as well as public holidays in different countries.
4 - Returns
SEEDS GANJAH responsible for replenishing items as long as the defect is not due to misuse or tampering
5 - Limitation of Liability
SEEDS GANJAH will not be responsible for the consequences that may result from misuse of the Client and / or any third parties arising from the failure to follow the instructions in the operation manual or Safety Standards merchandise.
6 - Applicable law
These Conditions shall be governed by and construed in all its terms and conditions, in accordance with current Spanish legislation. The parties submit to any question or dispute that may arise because of interpretation, compliance and enforcement to the jurisdiction of the Courts and the buyer for the home or to the place of performance of the contractual obligation courts.